Sexy Dad Saturday - Banana Hammock

This Sexy Dad Shows what means to rock the banana hammock.  It's not just about the banana or the hammock, but it is all about the SEXY.

Sexy Dad Saturday - Chameleon Style

Turn around bright eyes.  Don't miss the chameleon of a sexy dad blending into the rock face.  Your eyes might burn at first, but once you break through the pain, you will be captivated by his sexy dadness.

Sexy Dad Saturday - Cougar Style

Watch out for this sexy dad.  He prowls around in th broad day light looking for prey.  He perches high on Boulders and he is fierce and unrelentless.  He is a cougar.  Not the sexy 40 year old woman cougar, but the sexy dad cougar and he will pounce when you least expect it.