Dad Proves Driving a Minivan is Actually Cool

Many Dads make the decision to take that leap of faith and buy a minivan. We worry that everyone will make fun of us for driving one. Your life doesn't have to be that way though, because driving a minivan is cool.  We interviewed other minivan Dads about this topic to get their opinions. Here are 10 Reasons Why Driving a Minivan is Cool!

Reason #1: Sliding Rear Driver's Side Door That Sticks

Reason #2: Sliding Rear Passenger's Side Door That Sticks

Reason #3: Rear Hatch That Can't Open If Someone Is Parked Too Close

Reason #4:  Rear Wiper That Does Nothing For Rain and Replacement Blades are $25 at AutoZone

Reason #5: Windows That Open Up Like This But Let No Air In and You Forget About When It Rains

Reason #6: Map Lights For Kids to Leave On and Kill the Battery To Piss You Off

Reason #7: Sun Shades For Privacy From Nothing At All

Reason #8: Multiple Seats For Dad's Night Out That Will End By 10pm

Reason #9: 16 Inch Steel Blades For Those Haters Not On 60 Series Shoes

Reason #10: Backup Potato Camera So You Can't Tell If It Is A Kid Or Smudge