Day with Dad

Our first Day with Dad was a huge success! Thanks to Dave & Buster's, we were able to hook a dad up for a fun day with his kids! Check out our winning dad and his 4 awesome kids...

In case you don't know, I'm the goober riding the Ostrich, and the other goofy dads are in a blow up outfit and the Elf costume. Yes, we scared this poor dad and his family when they walked in... but after they got a few chicken wings and Shirley Temples in them, this family was ready to party!

Dad Proves Driving a Minivan is Actually Cool

Many Dads make the decision to take that leap of faith and buy a minivan. We worry that everyone will make fun of us for driving one. Your life doesn't have to be that way though, because driving a minivan is cool.  We interviewed other minivan Dads about this topic to get their opinions. Here are 10 Reasons Why Driving a Minivan is Cool!

Sliderhea for ALS

Thank you to everyone for helping make our first Goofy Giving Fundraiser a huge success! We had a blast and even though Danny was only able to eat 17 White Castle Sliders, we hit our goal and helped raise over $1,000 for ALS.

Check out the video here...

Goofy Gift Ideas

Check out some of these goofy gift ideas for your favorite dad or just to get the party going!!
I have a lot more fun ones to add along with pictures of us using this stuff too!

I want one of these so bad that I can smell the pretend belly lint! I am buying one as we speak to take on my upcoming Mancation... so I hope to have an updated review and pictures soon!

Bill the Handy Man from Tinder goes Global!

Our very own Bill the Handy Man is taking the internet by storm and now has gone Global! Everyone is talking about him, including... The DailyMail UK & The Bored Panda.

For those who don't know Bill... 
He is a 69 year old Handy Man created by one of our very own GoofyDads, Danny Spears!
Danny took some hilarious photos of himself and then

Dad Bods are more attractive to women than rock hard abs

Chris Pratt (left) and Leonardo DiCaprio
That's right ladies... line up... because us lumpy dads are bringing Sexy Back!!

According to the NY Post:

Men with a slight belly and a distinct lack of cheese grater abs are officially “more attractive” than they were in the past.
Dad bods have been a “thing” since around 2016 and according to Planet Fitness, the modern body type’s popularity is on the up.
Despite the abundance of chiseled men on TV and in magazines, it appears more and more people are turning their backs on the traditional Herculean physique.

Dad Stache Challenge

Alright Dads... we all know that having a Dad Stache makes you sexier, stronger, more manly and a much better dad, so we want to challenge all you dads to show off your best stache!

Send us your best stache pictures on FB and we will feature the best ones each week!

Miami Vice ain't got nothing on me!

Aces over Ladies... Pay Up!

BeatBox Battles

The internet is buzzing over a BeatBox Battle between Dad & Daughter...

So, we decided to have our own GoofyDad vs GoofyKid to determine who is the best BeatBoxer...

Worlds Best Video-Bomb

AKA Volleybomb.  Watch as this goofy dad sneaks into a volleyball game that he is not a part of nor does he know anyone in the game.  Watch closely as he makes an amazing return....or does he?

Dad Stache Journal...the final frontier!

After four weeks of concentrating and pruning, the Dad-stache is in full glory. Please, don't salute it as it's something to be admired, not worshipped. Here are the before and after pictures to demonstrate how one ordinary Dad can be transformed into a force of nature in four short weeks.

Dad Stache Journal #3

Things are starting to come in nicely now. I've decided to go with the fu-man-choo in honor of Paul Teutel, Sr from American Chopper. His is much more glorious than mine but my ultimate goal is is a Dad-stache the viewers can be proud of. I did have to trim the length a bit so everything was the same length. I know this is fascinating to you.

Stay tuned to next week's edition as I go full-frontal mustache. Hide the kids.

Dad Stache Journal #2

Week number two in my quest to grow a Dad-stache. Things are starting to really take shape now. Gone is the full-beard in favor of the much more stylish and trendy goatee. As you can see, the upper lip is filling in nicely. The hardest part of the of any mustache is filling it out. Any goof-ball can grow out a pencil thin mustache, but its takes a real Dad to grow a big, bushy, 3D caterpillar.

Next Week, The goatee gets a trim....Paul Tuetel, Sr. style. Stay tuned.

Dad Stache Journal

In honor of the launch of, I will be growing a Dad-stauche and will document it week by week. The best part is that you, the viewers, will get to join along in this fabulous journey. This week's picture is little more than scraggly peach-fuzz. But don't worry, considering that I am part Hungarian, it will blossom quickly. Tune in next week for a growth update.

I've always been a little goofy

Goofy dads are always goofy!