Bill the Handy Man from Tinder goes Global!

Our very own Bill the Handy Man is taking the internet by storm and now has gone Global! Everyone is talking about him, including... The DailyMail UK & The Bored Panda.

For those who don't know Bill... 
He is a 69 year old Handy Man created by one of our very own GoofyDads, Danny Spears!
Danny took some hilarious photos of himself and then
ran them through the FaceApp to make himself look older. He then created a fake Tinder Profile and wrote an awesome description to troll unsuspecting users.

"I'm a single attractive man looking for a woman to cook me supper. I ain't got time for no games because I work and only have time for hanky panky ok. The woman I chose must be fisically fit too, because I am pretty much a clidesdale ok. I don't want kids so don't be asking me to make you a baby Karen. Macironi and cheese is my favorite food but not Kraft ok. Thanks. I have a Lebaron and Hall and Oats make good music."

Danny's goal was to just have some fun and make people laugh, but the profile began getting tons of attention and he knew he had a Weiner!

Danny captured some of his conversation with one user in this epic back and forth...

Danny actually had to close the account because he was getting flooded with responses. Some were confused thinking he was serious while others appreciated the comic genius behind the profile.

Now that Bill is a Global Celebrity, he's hoping to use his power for good by spreading the joy of Mac & Cheese and Hall & Oats to the masses! Plus he has his own shirts...

 GoofyDads Shirt - I have to poop