Goofy Gift Ideas

Check out some of these goofy gift ideas for your favorite dad or just to get the party going!!
I have a lot more fun ones to add along with pictures of us using this stuff too!

I want one of these so bad that I can smell the pretend belly lint! I am buying one as we speak to take on my upcoming Mancation... so I hope to have an updated review and pictures soon!

Here is another item I am buying for Mancation... so I can't wait to let you all see my hairy chest!

The 2 things I do most in the world are poop and drink coffee, so it only makes sense to combine them!

Last year, our Mancation took a turn when one of our goofy dads pulled out his surprise Jeado Swim Suit. It was so awkward that it was amazing and I highly recommend it as a hilarious gift to any party!

What better way to get a party going than busting out the Horse Costume!

This hilarious game is awesome to play with your kids and even funnier to play with friends!

I need this alien costume now!!

PS... These are Amazon Affiliate links, so if you buy one we might get a little money to keep helping us be goofy idiots for you!